Economic Impact of the Georgia Green Industry, 2013
(C 1138)
The state of Georgia ranked ninth out of all states in 2013 for green industry (not including sod production, as this was not included in the analysis) economic contributions (including multiplier effects) to employment (64,066 jobs) and GDP ($3.79 billion) and tenth in total industry output ($6.72 billion). The largest individual sector in regard to output and employment both directly and indirectly was landscape services, representing nearly 57% of industry employment and 39% of economic output. The Georgia green industry represented 0.83% of Georgia gross domestic product (GDP), higher than that of the U.S. green industry as a whole at 0.72% U.S. GDP.
The Impacts of China and United States Trade and Tariff Actions on Georgia Agriculture
(TP 104)
The uncertainty in trade policy between China and the U.S. has created concern among the agricultural community about lengthening the period of stagnant farm income. Georgia agriculture produces many of the items on the Chinese tariff list, including nuts, fruits, soybean, corn, wheat, sorghum, cotton, pork, beef, and tobacco. The proposed Chinese retaliatory trade tariff on U.S. products would have a negative impact on Georgia's agriculture and economy. However, the magnitude of the impact caused by these tariffs on Georgia's agricultural industry is unclear. Some industries, like the pecan industry, will be impacted more than others.
Management Strategies to Reduce Heat Stress, Prevent Mastitis and Improve Milk Quality in Dairy Cows and Heifers
(B 1426)
This publication describes management strategies to reduce heat stress, prevent mastitis and improve milk quality in dairy cows and heifers.
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