Staff Listing

Jessie Adams Research Professional and IPBGG MS Student (Dr Nino Brown, Advisor)
Jamie Arrington North Georgia Agronomist
Clay Bennett Laboratory Technician III
Robert Edward Brooke Research Professional I
David Conger Research Professional I
Lesa Cox Lead Administrative Associate, Tifton
Abby Deltoro Business Manager, Tifton
Pamela F Dotson Research Technician III
Dustin G Dunn South Georgia Agronomist
Jodi D Figgatt Business Manager, Tifton
Mary Formo Director of Advising and Curriculum Support
Kaylyn Groce Extension Cotton and Peanut Sustainability Educator
Rod A. Hill Administrative Assistant
Rodney W. Hill Senior Agriculture Specialist
Charlie R. Hilton Agricultural Research Assistant III
J. Ryan Johnson Agricultural Research Technician III
Henry Jordan Research Professional III
Pawan Kumar Post Doctoral Associate
Ben Lopez Research Professional II
Vijaya Mantripragada Research Technician III
Steven Gordon McLeod Research Technician II
Caleb Neely Administrative Specialist
Gary A Orr Research Technician III
William T Pearce Research Technician III
Michael Purvis Research Professional I
Timothy Richards Research Professional I
Abby Rigsby Business Manager, Tifton
Tara Williams Riner Administrative Associate, Tifton
Somer Rowe Research Professional I
Kelley Schauberger Administrative Associate, Tifton
Lola Sexton Research Professional I
Cheryl L. Smith Research Technician III
Samantha Starnes Business Ops Parapro/profess
Steven R. Sutton Research Professional I
Matthew Thibodeaux Research Technician II
Viktor Tishchenko Research Professional II
Kevin A. Tucker Agricultural Research Assistant III
Niki Walden Business Support Leader - CAGT, CRSS, IPBGG
Gary Ware Research Professional
Amanda L. Webb Ag Research Assistant I
Lewayne White Research Professional III
Becky Wood Administrative Associate
Renae Woods Administrative Associate, Tifton
Jihong Xue Turfgrass Breeding and Cultivar Tissue Lab Manager