Crop and Soil Sciences Faculty

Jessica Barb
Jessica Barb Assistant Research Scientist | Plant Breeding, Cultivar Development, Pearl Millet, Small Grains for Grain and Forage
Nicholas Tuschak Basinger
Nicholas Tuschak Basinger Assistant Professor | Weed Biology, Ecology, and Integrated Weed Management
Leo M. Bastos
Leo M. Bastos Assistant Professor, Integrative Precision Agriculture
Lisa Baxter
Lisa Baxter Assistant Professor and State Forage Specialist
David Bertioli
David Bertioli Professor & GRA/GSD Distinguished Investigator | Peanut Genetics, Genomics and Evolution
William D. Branch
William D. Branch Georgia Seed Development Professor in Peanut Breeding and Genetics
Nino Brown
Nino Brown Assistant Research Scientist
C. Robin Buell
C. Robin Buell Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar Chair in Crop Genomics
Miguel L. Cabrera
Miguel L. Cabrera Professor - Soil Science; GA Power Professor in Environmental Remediation & Soil Chemistry
Peng Chee
Peng Chee Professor | Cotton Breeding and Genetics, Host- Plant Resistance, Quantitative Trait Loci, Genomics
Zhenbang Chen
Zhenbang Chen Assistant Research Scientist | Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Plant Breeding
Stanley Culpepper
Stanley Culpepper Professor - Extension Weed Scientist
Katrien M. Devos
Katrien M. Devos Distinguished Research Professor | Grass Genetics; Comparative Genomics; Trait Analyses; Genome Evolution; Millets; Turfgrasses
Carrie Anne Furman
Carrie Anne Furman Part Time Assistant Research Scientist
Nandita Gaur
Nandita Gaur Assistant Professor - Soil Physics
John Hamilton
John Hamilton Assistant Research Scientist - Buell Lab
Glendon H. Harris
Glendon H. Harris Professor, Extension Agronomist - Environmental Soil & Fertilizer
Gary L. Hawkins
Gary L. Hawkins Associate Professor - Water Resource Management
Gerald M Henry
Gerald M Henry Athletic Association Professor in Environmental Turfgrass (Turfgrass Management)
Dave Hoisington
Dave Hoisington Director of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut, Senior Research Scientist
Pam Knox
Pam Knox Senior Public Service Associate--Director of the UGA Weather Network and Agricultural Climatologist
Lorena N. Lacerda
Lorena N. Lacerda Assistant Professor, Integrative Precision Agriculture
Matthew Levi
Matthew Levi Assistant Professor - Soil Pedology
Zenglu Li
Zenglu Li Georgia Seed Development Professor in Soybean Breeding and Genetics
Daniel J Mailhot
Daniel J Mailhot Public Service Assistant--Director of the Statewide Variety Testing Program
Mohamed Mergoum
Mohamed Mergoum Georgia Seed Development UGAF Professor in Wheat Breeding and Genetics (Plant Breeding, Genetics, & Genomics)
Wayne Parrott
Wayne Parrott Distinguished Research Professor
Cristiane Pilon
Cristiane Pilon Associate Professor - Row Crop Physiology
Eric P. Prostko
Eric P. Prostko Extension Agronomist - Weed Science
Jamie Rhoads
Jamie Rhoads Assistant Director of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut, Assistant Research Scientist of Crop and Soil Sciences
Taylor Randell Singleton
Taylor Randell Singleton Assistant Professor | Extension Sustainability Specialist
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry
William K. Vencill
William K. Vencill Professor and Associate VP Instruction
Gurpreet Virk
Gurpreet Virk Assistant Research Scientist- Applied Crop Physiology
Simerjeet Virk
Simerjeet Virk Assistant Professor and Extension Precision Ag Specialist
Jason Wallace
Jason Wallace Associate Professor: Quantitative genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, and crop microbiomes
Clint Waltz
Clint Waltz Extension Specialist - Turfgrass