Weed Science

Research programs in the area of Weed Science include:

  • Cotton/small grains/vegetables¬†
  • Herbicide efficacy/soil dissipation
  • Roadside weed control
  • Peanut/corn/soybean/sorghum/canola
  • Herbicide physiology

For more information on Weed Science research, please contact the faculty member(s) listed in the table below.

Cotton/small grains/vegetables  Stanley Culpepper stanley@uga.edu
Herbicide efficacy/soil dissipation Timothy Grey tgrey@uga.edu
Roadside weed control Patrick McCullough pmcull@uga.edu
Peanut/corn/soybean/sorghum/canola Eric Prostko eprostko@uga.edu
Herbicide physiology Nick Basinger nicholas.basinger@uga.edu