Crop Management and Physiology

Research is conducted on all aspects of managing Georgia agronomic crops and forages with the ultimate objective of developing systems that create sustainable profits while preserving the agricultural and natural resource base. Research on crop physiology is conducted to expand our scientific understanding of plant function and provide information needed to develop unique solutions to agricultural problems.  

Research Areas:

  • Cotton Management
  • Cotton Physiology
  • Cropping Systems
  • Forage Management
  • Peanut Management
  • Peanut Physiology
  • Tobacco Management
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Turfgrass Physiology

For more information on Crop Management and Physiology research, please contact the faculty member(s) listed in the table below.

Cotton Management Camp Hand
Cotton Physiology John Snider
Cropping Systems Scott Tubbs
Forage Management Lisa Baxter
Peanut Management Scott Monfort
Peanut Physiology Cristiane Pilon
Tobacco Management J. Michael Moore
Turfgrass Management Gerald Henry
Turfgrass Management Clint Waltz
Turfgrass Physiology David Jespersen