Handling Pasture, Hay, Feed, and Livestock Losses During Hurricane Michael Recovery
(TP 106)
As a result of Hurricane Michael, many producers in the affected areas of Georgia have lost pasture growth, hay stocks, feed supplies, and livestock. Farmers will be assessing damage to fields, stock, and property in the weeks to come. This publication is intended to provide recommendations to farmers that experienced storm damage to their pasture-based production systems.
Strategies for Poor Quality Forage Management in Georgia Cow Herds
(TP 108)
Massive variation in the 2018 hay crop may pose a serious risk for cows and cattle ranchers in Georgia. This publication provides crucial information on how to address these issues, including guidelines for feeding and supplement formulation for cows in a variety of production scenarios given large variations in hay quality.
Chemical Nematicides for Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Georgia Vegetable Crops
(B 1502)
Soil fumigants alone or in combination with non-fumigant nematicides can provide vegetable growers effective and reliable control of plant-parasitic nematodes, profitable yield and product quality, and increased profits. Treating soil with fumigant nematicides has been very beneficial to vegetable growers in Georgia, but environmental concerns may restrict the broad usage of these products. Telone II has been an important nematode management tool for the field production of many vegetable crops. Vegetable growers will have very limited options if soil fumigants, in particular Telone II, are no longer available. The evelopment of new effective and environmentally safe non-fumigant nematicides has reduced the dependency on fumigant nematicides, but the application of fumigants still has great value for growers in Georgia.
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