About Ian Flitcroft

Ian Flitcroft has been at the University of Georgia since 1989.  Dr. Flitcroft manages the UGA weather network, a public –private partnership, consisting of 83 automated weather stations located around the State.  The network provides timely weather information to a variety of users. 

Dr.  Flitcroft directs the Georgia Envirotron, a controlled environment facility located on the Griffin campus, consisting of a number of growth chambers, rain-out shelters and greenhouses.  The Envirotron provides a variety of controlled environments in which researchers study the interactions between plants and environmental stresses. Visit the Envirotron website.

Dr. Flitcroft teaches a class on the uses of geospatial technologies in the agricultural and environmental sciences (AESC3510).  As a member of the Climate Voices network, he is also available to speak to local community groups on the topic of global climate change. View Dr. Flitcroft's Climate Voices Profile here.