Christopher Johnston

Name: Christopher Johnston

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Year in School: Graduate Student

Expected Graduation: 2019

Degree Objective: Ph.D.

In his own words ...

Research Summary: My research involves investigation of environmental effects on herbicide behavior and action in weeds.  Of particular interest is the effect of time of day on 2,4-D and dicamba phytotoxicity, and effects of these herbicides at the target site of Palmer amaranth and resulting physiological processes.  

Why did you choose UGA? The University of Georgia has outstanding research and outreach with a great emphasis on real-world application.  I have been very fortunate to be given access to the infrastructure and resources available for studying weed science here; the experience is one-of-a-kind.

Why did you choose Crop and Soil Sciences? I chose Crop and Soil Sciences due to the diverse backgrounds of faculty in the department, across both weed science and plant physiology in general.  The department has given me multiple perspectives on the problems my dissertation research deals with, and will greatly prepare me for future research topics by enhancing my ability to collaborate with scientists across disciplines.

After graduation, I plan to: ... pursue a career that combines research and outreach along with teaching of future generations in order to further progress the field of weed science.