Morgan Sysskind

Name: Morgan Sysskind

Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia

Major: M.S.

Morgan Sysskind

In her own words ...

Where are you from, and why did you choose to study at UGA/CAES?
Valdosta, Georgia. I choose to study at UGA CAES because it has always been a goal of mine to get my Bachelors and Masters from UGA CAES. I always had a passion for ag and I knew if I attended this wonderful university, I would be learning from professors/researchers who have made a great impact on the agriculture industry! 

What is your major/degree program, and what department?
M.S. in the department of Crop and Soil Sciences.

Why did you choose your major?
I choose my major because I wanted to expand my knowledge and I had wonderful professors/faculty that supported me, that has made it possible for me to achieve my goals!

What is your favorite class you have taken?
Precision Ag & Soils and Hydrology. 

Who has been your favorite instructor?
Dr. Vellidis and Dr. Harris

What has been the best experience you've had so far at the college?
My favorite experience that I had here at UGA CAES, was serving as an undergraduate CAES ambassador. This opportunity allowed me to make wonder connections, helped me step out of my comfort zone, and create relationships that I will always hold near to my heart! 

What do you want to do with what you have learned here?
Once I graduate UGA CAES I would love to become an ANR Extension Agent and be able to serve the university and the local community! 

How has your experience at UGA changed you?
My experience with UGA has truly helped me grow as a person and opened countless doors that probably would have never been opened if I never decided to attend UGA. 

Thinking of the word agriculture - what does agriculture mean to you? In what ways does agriculture impact your life and your culture?
When I hear the word "Agriculture", I think of diversity. The agriculture industry has impacted my life by gaining new experiences that I would have never saw myself doing before. 

What do you like to do outside of class — hobbies, interests, secret talents?
When I am not doing class work or my research, you will probably find me outside either kayaking/fishing or laying in my hammock taking a nap.